Please note that all photos and videos show an Engineering Test version of the PAW, not the production version.

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Advanced Technology Power Assisted Mobility Walker for persons with disabilities, injuries, and the elderly.

  • Fits users 4'8" - 6'2"
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Rear cargo rack
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Front and rear lights
  • Folds up to easily fit in any vehicle or even a suitcase
  • Use on hills, both ascending and descending
  • Use on trails, gravel paths etc
  • Range of approx 30 km/hr (please see note 1 below)
  • Cruise Control:  Set your desired walking speed & walker will help you maintain it.
  • Soft start function: Walker will always start off gently
  • Mobility Scooter Mode:  Can be used as a mobility scooter with speeds up to 15km/hr

Our eWalker is the answer for any disabled, elderly, injured or post-op people who have a little bit of balance and would like to be able to WALK at normal to accelerated speeds instead of requiring the use of an electric mobility scooter, or having to use a slow and uncomfortable standard walker.

As we all know, exercise, being able to use whatever you can of our body, is important and very beneficial to our wellbeing on many levels.  Regular exercise can help you maintain muscle tone, cardio vascular fitness, and proper blood sugar levels.  As well, research has shown that regular exercise can help control spasms and mitigate pain.

Unlike a regular walker, our Power Assisted Walker is ideal for those that would like to maintain their independence, and active lifestyle.  This walker will allow you to propel yourself with your legs, while doing the job of carrying your weight.

Regular walkers are uncomfortable, putting weight on your wrists and shoulders.  The Power Assisted Walker is designed to take your weight on your sit bones, which are much more suitable for the task.

Regular walkers are very difficult to use on hills, both going up and down hill.  The Power Assisted Walker alleviates this by having a sophisticated propulsion system that will assist you when climbing hills.  It has high quality disc brakes that make it very easy to control your speed when descending.  Very little hand strength is required.

A sophisticated propulsion system allows you to set a walking speed that you are comfortable with, and maintain it.  If the system detects that you are slowing down, possibly because you are climbing a hill, encountering muscle spasms, or are just tired, it will gently begin to assist you in maintaining your selected speed.  Once the system determines that you are able to once again maintain your designated speed by yourself, it will seamlessly disengage the propulsions system, allowing you to continue on your way under your own strength.

The Power Assisted Walker is light weight, just 20kgs, and can be folded up to easily fit into the trunk of a car, or a full sized suitcase.


Note 1:  Range can vary greatly and is affected by your weight, hills climbed, desired speeds, and percentage of use under power.