Please note that all photos and videos show an Engineering Test version of the PAW, not the production version.

About Us


Darren Brisker, our founder, in a Lokomat at ICORD

Darren Brisker, our founder, in a Lokomat at ICORD in Vancouver, BC


Located in the beauty of British Columbia's North Vancouver, Brisker Mobility Labs is on a mission.  That mission is to get our Power Assisted Walker to people whose life it can help.

Designed by our founder, a C3 Incomplete Quadriplegic, the POWER ASSISTED WALKER (PAW) is a new type of mobility device.

Darren originally designed the PAW for himself.  Prior to his accident, Darren was extremely active.  Living in the beauty of British Columbia's North Vancouver, Darren spent most of his free time enjoying the paths and trails that are everywhere here.  10-20 km dog walks were a common way to spend a day off, as was Mtn biking, hiking, and pretty much every outdoor water sport you can think of.  As well, the North Vancouver neighbourhood where Darren lived was connected by far more trails than sidewalks.  Once disabled, this made getting around much more difficult, as standard walkers etc just couldn't be operated on the paths, trails, fields, and beaches that Darren was used to spending most of his time on.

Darren grew very frustrated at not being able to find any type of mobility device that would work for both the terrain he was trying to navigate, and the fact that he still wanted to get as much exercise as possible.  Fortunately, one day that frustration led to an idea.  After 1 1/2 years, a LOT of parts and prototypes, and hundreds of hours of torture testing by himself and many other people with all types of disabilities, Darren had created the PAW.

As mentioned, originally, it was just for himself, but as he began to use it, many of his peers, doctors, and therapists, started convincing him that he should build more and make them available to others that could benefit from having one as well.

If you, or anyone you know might benefit from the assistance that our Power Assisted Walker has to offer, and you have any questions at all, or you would like to gt on the list to try one, reach out to us.  As a disabled person himself, Darren gets it, and he'd be happy to speak to you personally.

Thank you!

The team at Brisker Mobility Labs