Please note that all photos and videos show an Engineering Test version of the PAW, not the production version.

Who designed the Power Assisted Walker, and why?


The Power Assisted Walker was brought into being by it's designer, Darren Brisker as a result of Darren's own mobility issues and his desire to find a mobility device that could meet his own needs. Years ago, Darren was injured and, as a result became an quadriplegic. His injury is what is known as "Incomplete", meaning that while it affects all of his limbs (and many other things), he does have some decent function and is able to walk short distances.


Although Darren can walk, it is not without a lot of effort and discomfort. Also, while Darren could walk, it was not without its frustrations, which included being slow (which made it difficult to walk with friends), the pain of walking, never knowing if he would be able to get back due to the onset of pain or spasms or just tiredness, and many other issues. Darren also grew frustrated with the fact that, even after years of searching, he still couldn't find a walker that met his needs. Needs such as wanting to be able to walk his dog at the speed that a dog walks, wanting to be able to walk further and longer, wanting to be able to walk in the beautiful trail system of North Vancouver BC, and especially wanting to be able to walk up and down hills as the area he lives in has many of them!

Darren's frustrations with what was currently available and how none of them met his needs, led him to always be thinking about how to solve this problem. One day in 2016 an idea finally came to him and, after the encouragement and feedback of both professionals and peers, he set to designing, fabricating, and programming his ideas. Almost 2 years later and many prototypes later, the PAW was born, and is now ready for others to benefit from!